A Letter To Our Readers

March 27, 2020

Dear Readers

The Die-Tech team delivered our first tool for the Ventec Ventilator production ramp-up on Wednesday. This tool was quoted, designed, built, and delivered in 5 days. If you are a manufacturing professional, you can understand how significant that is. That tool is now in the hands of our customer, Twin Cities Die Casting in Minneapolis, where it has demonstrated the capability to run in the neighborhood of 600 parts per hour. That is enough of this part to produce 200 ventilators. We are working on the next tools to help ramp up ventilator production.

All over the country there are manufacturing teams working together on similar projects to produce the tools our health care professionals need to care for you. These people are putting their lives at risk in this effort. Most would prefer to be home sheltering in place with their families. My daughter is a physician at St Jude concerned about her patients and family. My sons are here working as part of our team. My wife is immune-compromised and working with us from home. They are just parts of one family contributing to this effort.

Your Part

Take the advice of your medical and government officials and stay home and shelter in place. If you need one of these ventilators it will be to keep you from dying. This is not “fake news” to the people preparing memorials for their loved ones who have already died. If you do your part, it will save more people than this ventilator project can possibly save.

Ventilator piston gate imageThank you,
Bill Berry
President, Die-Tech & Engineering

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